What is Inbrace?

Here at Koerich Orthodontics, we know that as an adult, many of us aren’t interested in orthodontic treatment because we tend to think about big, conspicuous braces. However, recent years have seen remarkable progress, and there are a variety of amazing treatments for the roughly 1-in-5 new orthodontic patients over the age of 18. Keep reading to learn “What is Inbrace?”

One of these new treatments includes the remarkable InBrace Hidden Braces system.

At Koerich  Orthodontics, we pride ourselves on our expertise in InBrace orthodontic technology. Join us as we delve into this cutting-edge treatment option that prioritizes comfort and discretion. By the end, you’ll understand why InBrace is revolutionizing the field of orthodontics.

InBrace: A Closer Look

InBrace stands out as a flexible treatment option designed with your comfort and discreetness in mind. Often referred to as the “behind-the-teeth teeth-straightener,” this appliance utilizes a customized wire that seamlessly fits over brackets discreetly affixed to the back of your teeth. Over time, this wire gently guides your teeth into proper alignment, just like traditional braces.

However, InBrace offers more than just alignment correction. It combines the benefits of braces and Invisalign, blending the best of both worlds.

Before recommending InBrace, our experienced providers, Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo Koreich, conduct a thorough assessment using a cutting-edge 3D imaging system called “Toothprint.” This comprehensive image enables us to customize your InBrace “SmartWire,” the core technology that powers this innovative appliance. Once your customized SmartWire is crafted, our skilled doctors will carefully position the brackets on the back of your teeth, insert the wire, and voila! You’ll leave our office flaunting your smile, which will gradually become straighter with each passing day.

Understanding the Benefits of InBrace Hidden Braces

InBrace boasts an array of advantages, all aimed at providing you with an exceptional treatment experience. Check out these awesome benefits:

State-of-the-Art Design: What sets InBrace apart from other treatments is its patented SmartWire design. Unlike Invisalign or metal braces, which require regular tray changes and adjustments, once the InBrace appliance is attached to the back of your teeth, you can rest easy until your smile achieves its desired straightness. Occasional visits to our Indian Trail or Charlotte office every eight to ten weeks will ensure your progress remains on track under the watchful eyes of Dr. Leo or Dr. Lindsey.

Practically Invisible: InBrace is the epitome of discretion. While not technically invisible, it operates so covertly that it might as well be. By placing the InBrace SmartWire behind your teeth instead of in front, only you and your orthodontist will even know you’re receiving treatment! 

Suitable for All Ages: Did you know that one in five orthodontic patients is over the age of 18? It’s never too late to pursue orthodontic treatment, but if you’re an older teen or an adult, you’re likely seeking a convenient and aesthetically pleasing option to align your teeth. Flashy metal braces may not appeal to you, and changing the color of braces might not seem as cool anymore. Don’t worry—InBrace is a sophisticated treatment solution suitable for all ages, ensuring you achieve your desired smile.

Enhanced Oral Hygiene: One of the primary challenges traditional metal braces poses is maintaining oral hygiene. Cleaning around brackets and wires can be daunting, affecting the whiteness and straightness of your teeth. However, when you choose InBrace from Koerich  Orthodontics, you can bid farewell to the apprehension of relearning oral care. The SmartWire, resting discreetly on the back of your teeth, allows you to brush and floss as usual, greatly improving your chances of maintaining a pristine smile throughout treatment. 

Is InBrace Right for You?

Not all orthodontic treatment programs are created equal, but fortunately, that’s not the case with InBrace! InBrace hidden braces have the versatility to address a wide range of orthodontic conditions, from mild to severe malocclusions and everything in between. Whether you’re dealing with spacing issues, crowding, or bite problems, InBrace can help restore your confidence in your smile.

InBrace Is the Future of Orthodontics

With InBrace, orthodontic treatment transcends expectations, offering unparalleled comfort, discretion, and efficiency. Say goodbye to self-consciousness about your braces and the challenges of oral hygiene. Embrace the freedom to smile confidently while your teeth gradually align. Join the ranks of those embracing InBrace as the ultimate orthodontic solution. Your journey to a stunning smile begins now.

What is Inbrace?

Learn More At Your Free Consultation! 

You deserve a smile that matches your dreams, and selecting the right treatment plan is crucial. InBrace Hidden Braces are an excellent choice for patients of all ages and orthodontic needs, and it’s no surprise they’re currently in high demand. With a multitude of benefits and our expertise, you can trust Koerich Orthodontics to provide outstanding InBrace treatment. Take the first step by scheduling your free consultation with our dedicated team at one of our convenient locations in Charlotte and Indian Trail