The Clear Choice for Every Lifestyle

Comfortable, clear, and efficient, Invisalign clear aligners are a modern twist on orthodontic treatment today.

This treatment's great for all ages, from children to adults, and Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo use computer technology to specify all of your tooth movements virtually before ever starting your treatment.

The Invisalign Process

Koerich Orthodontics

A Modern Approach to Straightening Teeth

Invisalign uses a series of customized, clear aligners to gradually straighten your teeth with fewer office visits to our Indian Trail and Charlotte offices than traditional braces. They’re removable, near-invisible, and customized by Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo just for your teeth and mouth.

This planning process is truly an art, and the skill, experience, and knowledge of the doctor has a direct effect on your overall result and the time it takes to get there. The clear aligners (Invisalign trays) are then made to your doctors’ specifications and given to you to start treatment.

At Koerich Orthodontics, you can go through your treatment knowing that every change was specifically designed and customized for you by an Invisalign Platinum provider! This means that you are being treated by a top 5% provider of Invisalign in the country!

When you visit Koerich Orthodontics for your free consultation, we'll take photos and X-rays to create a 3D image of your mouth. Your orthodontist will make your first set of custom-fitted aligners from these images and then you begin the process of straightening your teeth.

You’ll probably wear Invisalign aligners for 12-18 months, and will typically use 18–30 sets during your treatment at Koerich Orthodontics.

You wear the trays for about 22 hours a day as recommended by Dr. Lindsey or Dr. Leo, but can remove them to brush your teeth and eat. You’ll wear several sets of trays throughout your orthodontic treatment at Koerich Orthodontics based on your specific needs.

The best part of the whole process? You’ll start to notice a change in just a few months!

Differences Between Invisalign & Braces

Unlike traditional braces, smooth plastic Invisalign aligners don't have metal components that can irritate your mouth. You can remove your aligners when you eat, so you won't have to change your diet like you would when wearing braces – bring on the popcorn and peanuts!

In fact, you must remove your aligners before eating or drinking anything besides water. You need to make sure you’re willing to do that before you decide on Invisalign clear aligners.

To prevent staining, you’ll need to clean your teeth before putting the aligners back on after each time you eat. Of course, brushing and flossing are much easier than with traditional braces, since you don’t have to work around any brackets and wires.

Benefits of Invisalign

Discreet & Comfortable
Invisalign aligners are barely noticeable, perfect for patients working in a professional environment or those looking to secretly attain their perfect smile! Unlike traditional braces, there are no wires or brackets to work around, so usually patients feel like it is easier to clean their teeth and maintain good oral hygiene.

Better Oral Hygiene + Enjoy Foods You Love
The Invisalign aligners are simple to remove, allowing for the ability to easily clean your teeth and the aligner trays. With removable aligners, you can eat anything you’d like.

Fast Treatment
On average, Invisalign patients have to come to the office for checkups less frequently than with traditional braces, and the treatment straightens your teeth in 12-18 months!

Invisalign Charlotte

Your Responsibility with Invisalign

When it comes to Invisalign treatment, there’s a lot to consider. Most Invisalign patients at Koerich Orthodontics enjoy shorter check-ups, fewer appointments, better oral hygiene, and fewer emergency visits.

Your cooperation is essential, whether you have braces or Invisalign. However, the Invisalign system's biggest pro can also be a con - the ability to remove the aligners.

Since braces are attached to your teeth, they do the heavy lifting to keep your treatment progressing. With Invisalign, you need to do a little extra work during your treatment so your trays can complete your treatment efficiently.

Like with traditional metal braces, Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo recommend wearing a retainer after you complete your Invisalign treatment to maintain your new alignment and your confident new smile.

Talk to Us About Invisalign

Koerich Orthodontics may not recommend Invisalign in some cases, but we can advise you about the best options for your teeth, bite and lifestyle.

Schedule your free consultation at our Charlotte or Indian Trail office to learn if Invisalign is right for you.