What are the pros and cons of InBrace?

Straightening one’s teeth can be done by a orthodontic professional in several ways. The most common treatments these days are traditional braces and Invisalign, both of which have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. 

Metal braces are the least expensive option but they are extremely noticeable and maintaining your normal dental hygiene routine is very difficult due to the brackets. Invisible trays aren’t as noticeable as metal braces but they are very inconvenient since you have to repeatedly remove them and it can sometimes be difficult to remember to wear them, which will slow down your orthodontic treatment plan. 

However, there is a new way to get a straighter smile without all of those disadvantages with INBRACE Smartwires. INBRACE Smartwires introduces a shift from traditional braces. The Smartwire design includes all of the intelligence required to move teeth to their destination while being 100% invisible. 

INBRACE Smartwires are made of a space-age material called nitinol. Referred to as a shape memory wire, nitinol is truly a smart material. INBRACE Smartwires apply continuous light forces to build new bone and reabsorb old bone while teeth are on the move. The patented slim fit bracket system allows for a friction-free and low profile bracket.

Keeping gums and teeth healthy throughout orthodontic treatment is the main goal which is why we have devised a list of pros and cons of INBRACE to help you find the best option for your smile. 

InBrace Pros

Conveniently Hidden

Unlike regular braces or Invisalign, INBRACE is completely hidden so it is ideal for creatives, musicians, travelers, and others who enjoy an active and social lifestyle. It will also help boost your confidence since you will have a straighter smile without any wires or clear trays over your teeth. INBRACE is put inside your mouth, behind your teeth so there is nothing to remove and it allows for easier oral maintenance. Now you don’t have to worry about using flossing threads because you can maintain your normal routine. 

Treatment for a Variety of Needs

INBRACE can treat multiple orthodontic cases like Class 1-Spacing, Class 1-Mild Crowding, Class1-Moderate Crowding, Moderate Overbite, and a Moderate Deep Bite. Since these are mild or moderate cases, INBRACE requires fewer orthodontist visits which makes it more convenient for you.

Fits in with Your Lifestyle

INBRACE is completely convenient because there’s nothing to remove, you’re able to brush and floss normally so there’s no need to stress over threaders and you don’t have to visit the orthodontist as often. It also gives you the freedom to live your normal life while working towards a straighter smile. Now you will have all the confidence you need because you won’t be worried about distracting metal braces! 

InBrace Cons

You’ll Need Time to Adjust

INBRACE is an orthodontic treatment that may temporarily affect speech during the beginning phases of treatment. Like other orthodontic treatments, you have to adjust to talking with it, along with the temporary discomfort it causes in the first two weeks. However, pain during orthodontic treatment is completely normal and unavoidable since your teeth are moving. Most orthodontists will recommend over-the-counter pain relievers or prescribe you a medicated mouth rinse to help alleviate any pain.

Not Ideal for Severe Cases

As previously mentioned, INBRACE only treats mild to moderate orthodontic cases. This means that if you have a severe case of spacing, crowding, overbite or deep bite, then INBRACE might not be the best option for you. This is why it is important to talk to your orthodontist and trust them to find the best option for you by checking to see if you would be a good candidate for INBRACE Smartwires.

At Koerich Orthodontics, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime, and we believe that the pathway to get there should be fun and easy! If you’re ready to start your INBRACE journey, request an appointment today to find out if you’re an eligible candidate!