We Are Here for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

Our team is dedicated to making sure your orthodontic journey is as stress-free and fun as possible! Your comfort and oral health are our top priorities, so we are here to offer you a guide on how to deal with common emergency situations so you feel prepared if the time comes. At Koerich Orthodontics, we are here for your orthodontic emergencies!

Emergency Kit Essentials

When preparing an emergency kit of tools for your braces, there are an assortment of items you can keep handy. We encourage our patients to be prepared and confident in what to do during unexpected issues or discomfort. 

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Especially for Invisalign wearers, when you go out to eat and need to take your trays out to do so, a quick brush of your teeth and trays is essential to keep up with your hygiene. Similarly, if you accidentally eat something sticky and it gets stuck in your braces, the quicker you are able to remove it, the better.

Over-the-counter pain relievers

Whether you experience tooth pain, discomfort from braces adjustment, or mouth sores, using pain relievers can help counter these aches and allow you to go about your day normally. Ask Dr. Lindsey or Dr. Leo what we recommend you to use. 


Though not an emergency, getting food stuck in your braces can be an inconvenience to get out with brackets and wires in the way. Getting food stuck with Invisalign to put back in, however, is a more pressing matter. You don’t want to leave any remnants in order to avoid tooth decay. 

Orthodontic wax

You can use wax to dull any sharp ends sticking out of your braces to avoid irritation or cuts on the inside of your mouth. The wax is harmless should you accidentally ingest it.

Nail clippers

It is an unlikely item to find in an orthodontic emergency bag, but it is an essential one! If your braces wires ever pop out or become loose and cause irritation, you can clip it off. When you are unable to see Dr. Leo or Dr. Lindsey to solve the issue, keep one handy to avoid cutting the inside of your mouth.

Basic Orthodontic Aid At Home

Protruding Wire

Early in your braces journey, before you get used to your braces being on your teeth, you may accidentally eat food that is potentially harmful to the materials it is made up of. We can walk you through a temporary solution! 

Use the dull tip of a pencil eraser to put the wire in place so that it is flush against your teeth. If you can still feel the sharp tip, tear off a small piece of orthodontic wax to cover it and protect yourself against cuts or further irritation. If worst comes to worst and irritation continues, you can use a pair of nail clippers to get rid of the wire.  

Swollen Teeth

Swollen teeth or gums are an unpleasant experience, but there are ways to minimize discomfort and ease the pain before you are able to get it checked out. Ask our team about over-the-counter pain relievers we recommend you take and be able to go about your day as normally as possible. 

Don’t forget to call our office and let us know of the emergency so we can best determine the severity in case an appointment must be made.

Irritated Lips or Cheeks

When your braces are first applied, it is normal to feel some irritation or pain. If the metal begins to irritate your teeth while you are still getting used to them, you can apply some orthodontic wax to the appliance area that is bothering you. This will avoid further friction and create a layer of protection.

Mouth Sores

If your lips and cheeks continue to be irritated, you may develop mouth sores. Like canker sores, they are sensitive to the touch and take time to heal. You can help to speed up this process by swishing your mouth out with salt water and applying orthodontic wax to the appliance area causing it.

We Are Here for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

Keeping Your Smile Safe

Protection From Injury

Mouthguards can help absorb the shock from a blow to the mouth and save your teeth from suffering a more severe injury. Frequently used by sports players, if you participate in a similar physical activity during your braces journey, Koerich Orthodontics recommends you take this safety measure! Mouthguards are offered for teeth with and without orthodontic appliances so they will comfortably fit over your braces.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is not only vital to your general health, but it is a huge help in maintaining a healthy smile. Keeping yourself hydrated also keeps plaque from sticking to your teeth by diluting the acids that can harm your tooth enamel over time. It also helps your breath stay fresh for longer. Drinking water over juices or soda promotes overall health for your smile.

Regular Brushing and Flossing

Routinely brushing and flossing your teeth each morning and night is one of the best ways to keep your smile glowing. From the right toothbrush to the perfect toothpaste, keeping your oral health in check is also a great way to be a role model to those around you! This is a positive habit that preserves the work you get done at Koerich Orthodontics, so the investment in your smile lasts a lifetime.

Attending Your Regular Checkups

When we get to see you, Dr. Leo and Dr. Lindsey will be able to spot any issues before they become a bigger problem. When our team examines your teeth, we are not only checking your treatment progress, but we are looking out for your overall oral health as well. When issues are left unattended, they can trickle down and have negative effects on other things. We always look forward to seeing you and strive to create a friendly and inviting environment that you can’t wait to visit again!

We Are Here for Your Orthodontic Emergencies

Your Smile Is In Good Hands!

Remember, discomfort associated with orthodontic procedures is temporary and remediable. If the pain you experience lasts longer, reach out to us to see how we can assist you. Koerich Orthodontics is here for you every step of your journey, and we are always prepared to help out at our Charlotte and Indian Trail practices in the case of an emergency. Call us today to schedule an appointment!