Braces for Children, Teens & Adults

At Koerich Orthodontics, we want to make sure your care is highly individualized because you’re one-of-a-kind.


Comfortable, clear, and efficient, Invisalign clear aligners are a modern twist on orthodontic treatment today. Suitable for all ages, from children to adults, Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo use computer technology to specify all of your tooth movements virtually before ever starting your treatment!

Proceed through your treatment knowing that every change was specifically designed and customized for you by an Invisalign Platinum provider! This means that you are being treated by a top 5% provider of Invisalign in the country!

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Traditional Braces

We have you covered if you like the traditional look of metal braces and colorful ties! Traditional braces are also one of the most affordable treatment options and can tackle the toughest of orthodontic cases.

The latest technology of self-ligating braces helps you get your treatment done with fewer wire changes and fewer appointments. Self-ligating brackets have a special clip to tie the wires, and rubber bands are not required.

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Clear Braces

Going through orthodontic treatment doesn’t have to be as obvious as it used to be with our super clear braces and ties.

These ceramic brackets blend in with your teeth to create a natural, less noticeable look. Clear braces are great for candidates that do not qualify for Invisalign® but still want an invisible treatment option.

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InBrace uses the most advanced computer modeling (and AI algorithms) to determine the shortest path for each tooth to transition into your new smile.

By moving teeth efficiently, this does not apply nearly as much force as traditional braces or aligners to move teeth—plus, it’s hidden and doesn’t show when you smile!

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Choose Your Braces

You have many options to choose from at Koerich Orthodontics. In our care, you’ll receive:

  • A comprehensive exam
  • Diagnostic records, including X-rays
  • Full braces treatment
  • 1 set of retainers
  • 1 year of follow-up care after you complete your treatment

We can’t wait to work with you to achieve your perfect smile!

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Traditional Retainers

These retainers are made of a hard piece of plastic with a wire that sits over the front of your teeth. It is easily removable and very durable, making this a great option for most patients.

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Permanent Retainers

Bonded lingual retainers, or “Permanent Retainers,” consist of a wire placed behind the teeth and adhered with tooth-colored cement. No one will ever know you’re wearing it, and you don’t have to worry about forgetting to wear your retainer!