Get a Straight Smile Behind the Scenes


When you get InBrace hidden braces from Koerich Orthodontics, Dr. Lindsay or Dr. Lindsay will place a customized Smartwire behind your teeth to gently straighten your smile.

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Always Smiling

This is Erica and she is wearing braces. Yes—right now!

InBrace is hidden and doesn’t show when you smile.

You can take selfies, post on social media, and nobody will know that you’re wearing braces. Schedule your free consultation at Koerich Orthodontics today to start your treatment with InBrace technology.

Invisible & Automatic

InBrace’s Smartwire system is designed for your mouth only and engineered to gently align your teeth according to Dr. Lindsay or Dr. Leo’s custom treatment plan.

With InBrace from Koerich Orthodontics, you’ll skip painful monthly tightenings, removable trays to keep track of and no visible wires to look at. You’ll just enjoy the fantastic results.


Secretly Behind Your Teeth

Unlike Invisalign® aligners, which are mostly transparent, InBrace hides completely behind your teeth. No one will ever know you are going through treatment!



Your personalized Smartwires from Koerich Orthodontics are designed to apply gentle but constant force. This is basically orthodontics on autopilot.



You never have to worry about removing aligners or trays before eating, drinking, or brushing your teeth.



We offer InBrace at a price comparable to Invisalign®, allowing you to take advantage of the most advanced orthodontic technology.


More You Time

The InBrace Smartwire self-adjusts, so come to fewer adjustment visits to see us in Charlotte or Indian Trail.



InBrace treatment at Koerich Orthodontics lets you brush and floss normally for all of your treatment.

Gentleforce Technology

InBrace differs greatly from traditional braces. Patented Smartwires are designed specifically for each and every patient to gradually move teeth with light and continuous forces.

InBrace uses the most advanced computer modeling and AI algorithms to determine the shortest path for each tooth to transition into your new smile. By moving teeth efficiently, InBrace does not apply nearly as much force as traditional braces or aligners to move teeth.

Instead, it uses Gentleforce technology which spurs healthy tooth movement. This process takes about six weeks and allows Dr. Lindsay or Dr. Leo Koerich to fix the braces onto the backs of your teeth according to what you need.


1. Scan

Dr. Lindsay or Dr. Leo will scan your teeth and create 3D images to personalize your Smartwire for predictable results.


2. Design

We’ll design each Smartwire loop using GentleForce technology for flawless tooth movement.


3. Smile Today

We'll place your custom Smartwire behind your teeth, so show off your natural smile as soon as you see us in Charlotte or Indian Trail!

Talk to Koerich Orthodontics About InBrace

Dr. Lindsay and Dr. Leo use InBrace in the same way as metal braces—by applying gentle, continuous pressure to your teeth to slowly shift them into their new, straighter positions.

Find out if InBrace is the right treatment for you by scheduling a free consultation in Charlotte or Indian Trail.