Everything You Need to Know About Clear Bracket Braces

If you need braces, then you might be considering clear bracket braces. These have become a popular option for braces for many reasons. Doing your research before making a choice is important. Keep reading to learn everything you will need to know about clear bracket braces.

What are Clear Bracket Braces?

Clear bracket braces are like traditional braces except that the brackets are clear. They are less noticeable when you have them which is the appeal of them. It may be hard to even know you are wearing them.

Clear bracket braces are a great option if you cannot get Invisalign for some reason. Many people are not a candidate, so this is a great alternative option.

What are Clear Bracket Braces Made of?

Clear braces are made from a couple of different materials and each one has advantages. They are usually made out of porcelain or ceramic. The other option is a plastic material. It is important to find an orthodontist that uses materials that are high in quality. You do not want to spend the money on something that you will need to replace later.

What are the Benefits of Clear Bracket Braces?

There are several different advantages to having clear braces. The style, the costs, how they feel, and durability. Clear braces are appealing for many reasons.

Same Design 

Clear bracket braces work the same way traditional braces work. They use a wire and bracket system to move your teeth into the right position. They will adjust the wires and brackets over time to make small changes over time. This will help to change the alignment of your teeth to fix any problems you have.

You will not lose any of the benefits of braces by getting clear braces. You will get the same effect that you would have gotten from metal braces.

Gentle Adhesives

To attach braces to your teeth the orthodontist will use epoxy adhesives. The adhesives that they use for the clear braces are less damaging to your teeth. They are gentler than the adhesives used for metal braces. This can help to protect the enamel on your teeth while wearing them.

More Comfortable

Many patients report that clear braces are more comfortable than metal braces. They tend to have fewer scrapes in their mouth than metal brackets. They also report having to use waxless to overcome discomfort.


One of the main reasons people like clear braces more than metal is the appearance. The clear braces will blend into the teeth and you will not notice them. People like this about clear braces because no one will know they are even wearing them. They are very popular for teens and adults who have more concerned about their appearance.

No Removing

Clear bracket braces are attached to the teeth and stay there for the duration of your treatment. You do not have to take them out or put them in like Invisalign. No retainers to use. You will have to care for your teeth. You will need to brush and floss like normal. You will not have any orthodontic pieces though to keep track of.

Do Clear Braces Discolor Over Time?

The point of clear braces is not seeing them so we will want to make sure they will not turn yellow over time. It is important to make sure your orthodontist uses high-quality materials. If they use poor materials, they can get yellow. The wires can change colors over time, which is common.

The good thing though is that they can change those without much effort. It is also important to take care of your braces and teeth. If you take proper care and clean your teeth on a regular schedule you should not have any problems.

What Parts Are Clear?

When you get clear braces you might be wondering what part is clear? Both the brackets and the wires are all clear. So, when they are on, they will not be noticeable. Depending on your needs the orthodontist might use a combination of clear and metal. You will need to talk to your doctor to figure out the best treatment for your teeth.

What are the Costs?

Clear braces are more expensive than metal braces. They cost more to make, and they will charge more for using them. Each person has different needs, so it is difficult to know the exact costs. They usually cost about $1000 to $2000 more than metal braces. Metal braces can run around $5000.

Concerns of Clear Bracket Braces

There are a lot of great benefits to clear bracket braces. There are also some things to be aware of. They have a higher cost associated with them. If you are on a budget, they may not be the best option. They may cause some sensitivity. Clear brackets are larger in general so cleaning can be more difficult. This could cause sensitivity to develop over time. Metal braces are more durable so you could have to pay for replacements if your clear braces break. It could take longer for your treatment. Clear braces tend to move your teeth slower than metal braces. You might have to wear them longer.

Are Clear Bracket Braces Right for Me?

There are a lot of things to think about when you are considering clear bracket braces. Make sure to talk to your orthodontist to figure out the best option for you. Do your research and consider the information above to make the best choice for your teeth.

For more information on clear bracket braces and how to get started, give us a call. We’re here to help you every step of the way.