Are Adults Good Candidates for Braces?

As an adult, you may be wondering if you are a good candidate for braces when seeking out your perfect smile. Koerich Orthodontics is happy to share that braces remain a successful choice for all patients, regardless of age. Our team is here to discuss why orthodontic treatment benefits adults, what treatment options we offer, and what to consider when making your decision.

Unlock a Brand-New Smile At Any Age!

You can receive braces treatment as an adult anytime! A common misconception is that braces can only be worn when you are a child or teen. While it is true many patients are school-aged, did you know over a quarter of all orthodontic patients are adults? 

Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo understand that patients may feel conscious of their image as they grow older. Our team prioritizes your comfort throughout treatment by offering discreet appliance options so everyone will only see your incredible progress and as little of the braces themselves. 

Some of our current patients were not allowed to get braces as a teen or didn’t require any care then. Our goal is to ensure everyone in our community receives that opportunity as it arises. Treatment may take longer as your jawbones are no longer moldable, but you can still look forward to a beautiful smile at the end of your plan. Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo’s expertise will help you reach your perfect smile!

Why Begin Braces In Adulthood

Boost Your Oral Hygiene

Upon straightening your teeth, braces can eliminate any difficult-to-reach areas of your mouth that your toothbrush may not have been able to clean. This allows you to polish each tooth surface thoroughly and protect yourself from common complications, such as tooth decay, cavities, and plaque buildup. The simple act of brushing and flossing daily keeps your teeth safe and supports their function.  

Improve Your Confidence

Confidence is critical to succeeding in both your professional and personal life. Those with orthodontically straightened teeth know they can use their smile as an asset towards coming off as a trusted, caring individual. Whether working on first impressions or simply meeting up with friends, having a grin you are proud of makes all the difference in your self-esteem.

Reduce Everyday Discomfort

Those with misaligned teeth may struggle with everyday tasks your teeth are meant to support, such as chewing, biting, and speaking. As your teeth begin to straighten out, pressure is evenly distributed across your mouth, protecting them from enamel breakdown and making mealtime a more comfortable experience. This further enables smoother digestion and allows your body to absorb additional nutrition from your food.

Are Adults Good Candidates for Braces?

Your Treatment Options

InBrace Hidden Treatment

Placed on the inner surface of your teeth, InBrace hidden braces are another great aesthetic choice to reach your smile goals. This appliance uses a personalized SmartWire, which applies a slight constant force on your teeth, putting your treatment on autopilot. Like clear aligners, you can continue to eat, brush, and floss as you did before starting treatment. We use advanced 3D technology to craft your appliance and ensure it fits comfortably while providing effective treatment.

Metal Braces

The most popular option at our practice is metal braces. This incredible orthodontic appliance has been around for many years and continues to be a strong and reliable method of helping you achieve your smile goals. They use brackets, wires, elastics, and other components to pressure your teeth over a long period as they shift into place. We also offer self-ligating braces, which require no ties to keep the wire in place. This allows for a more comfortable transition into use and eliminates the need for monthly tightenings.

Clear Braces

Those interested in metal braces’ reliability but are after an aesthetic appearance may enjoy clear braces. Clear braces use brackets made of tooth-colored ceramic that blend in with your smile, so you don’t have to worry about how they will look throughout treatment. They are also stain-resistant, allowing you to continue eating darker foods or drinks like coffee without fear of discoloration over time. 

Choosing the Perfect Appliance

Budget and Finances

Something to consider in choosing which kind of braces you want is your budget. At Koerich Orthodontics, Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo strive to make our practice affordable for everyone in our community by offering flexible payment plans and insurance options so you can focus on the appliance that best suits your needs. Our team can walk you through how your expected costs change with different appliances. Let us know if you have any questions regarding financials or your insurance’s role in payment!

Lifestyle and Aesthetics

Considering how long treatment can take, one of our top priorities is ensuring you feel confident and happy with your appliance choice. As we initially consider the most effective treatment, we understand each of our patients has a different lifestyle and varying levels of aesthetic concerns, so our team will listen to your needs. 

Some patients may prefer an aesthetic appeal, while others simply want the most effective choice. Similarly, some may have more time to comply with their appliance’s needs, while others are on a tighter schedule. Either way, our team can provide more information on which braces best suit your case when you come for your free consultation. 

How Long Does Treatment Last?

Treatment time varies based on the chosen appliance, the work to be accomplished, and current oral health. On average, care plans last between one and two years, but some patients may go over or under this time, depending on the severity of their case. During your free consultation, Dr. Lindsey and Dr. Leo can share with you which appliance they believe would most efficiently reach your smile goals.

Are Adults Good Candidates for Braces?

Your Perfect Smile Awaits You!

We hope this short guide has given you more confidence to begin orthodontic treatment and pursue the amazing smile you deserve. Koerich Orthodontics provides free consultations at our Charlotte and Indian Trail practices and proudly serves the surrounding communities. Schedule yours today and take the first step toward a new boost in confidence. We can’t wait to meet you!