9 Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist in Indian Trail Before Getting Braces

orthodontist in indian trail

All across the country, more than 4 million people are working towards straighter smiles with the help of orthodontics. It’s a common goal that will help boost self-esteem, improve oral hygiene, and benefit overall health and wellness.

Getting braces is an exciting time for many but it can also be a bit overwhelming. It’s a definite investment of both time and money with a little bit of sacrifice mixed in, so no one should jump in before doing their research. Working with the best orthodontist in Indian Trail will help you feel confident in your choice and excited for your new smile!

Before you get started, it’s a good idea to sit down with your orthodontist and get some clarity on what to expect. We suggest starting with these nine questions!

1. Am I Even a Candidate?

Before you even begin the process of getting started with orthodontics, it’s important to make sure you’re even a candidate for these kinds of treatments. There’s no reason to pursue more information if it’s not a viable option for your situation.

Talk with your Indian Trail orthodontist about the concerns you have about your smile and things you would like to change. They can look at your history and current situation to determine the best course of action and what will be most effective for you. Luckily, most patients are candidates for orthodontics and can find a solution.

2. What Results Can I Expect?

Probably the most popular of the questions to ask your orthodontist is “what kind of results can I expect to see?” which makes total sense. There’s no reason to go through the entire braces process if you’re not going to be happy with the end result.

While there’s no absolute guarantee with how teeth will end up, an experienced orthodontist will be able to show you some of the changes you can expect to see. The general idea of what your smile will look like is a great place to start!

3. Are There Multiple Options?

So many patients are able to see great results from orthodontics because there are so many treatment options available. As you’re talking with your orthodontist about what results you can see, it’s a good idea to see if they offer an alternative braces style and if that might alter your results as well.

This is also an important factor in how to choose an orthodontist if you’re looking for a specific type of braces.

4. What is the Overall Cost?

Just like any other dental procedure, there is a cost involved that you should be aware of upfront. After you get a consultation with the orthodontist, their office should be able to look at your insurance and the likely overall cost to see how much you’ll be responsible for. This is so helpful so you can plan your finances accordingly.

5. How Long Will it Take?

While we can all appreciate how helpful braces are for oral health, they’re generally not something people want to have on for years and years. It’s a good idea to get an estimated time for your orthodontic journey.

On average, people have their braces for anywhere between one and three years but it completely depends on your specific situation. Knowing about how long your orthodontist thinks the process will take helps you to manage your expectations and keep a good attitude throughout.

6. Are There Any Restrictions?

Once you know how long you’ll probably be wearing your braces, it’s a good idea to check and see what life will look like for that time period. It’s especially helpful to ask your orthodontist in Indian Trail what restrictions should be followed so you can plan for that.

Those who have braces can live their lives practically as normal, there are no physical restrictions made while wearing them! But there are foods that should be avoided, those lists vary depending on the type but your provider will go over all of that with you!

7. What Does Braces Maintenance Look Like?

Along with knowing what to avoid, you’ll want to ask your orthodontist what you should be doing and how to maintain your braces to get the best results out of them.

The main thing you’ll want to understand is how to brush and floss with the braces to avoid any cavities or other problems while they’re on. It’s not hard but does take a few special techniques, which your provider will be able to demonstrate for you!

8. Is It Going to Hurt?

Most people will also want to know what kind of physical experience they can expect, mainly how much pain and discomfort the braces will cause. Though every person handles pain differently and will have a unique experience, your orthodontist can tell you what the general population experiences.

Make sure you ask about the whole process and don’t just limit your questions to the beginning and installation process. It’s a good idea to know what’s coming!

9. When Can I Get Started?

The last thing you’ll want to know is when you can get started and how to schedule an appointment!

Any orthodontic process will require you to come in on a regular basis for check-ups, adjustments, and next steps, so you’ll want to get on a good schedule from the start. Make sure to pick days and times you can consistently make it on!

Questions to Ask Your Orthodontist in Indian Trail

The first step before getting any kind of medical or dental procedure done should be to ask questions so you completely understand what to expect. That’s especially true when you’re getting braces from the best orthodontist in Indian Trail.

Taking the time to get all of the information upfront will save you from a lot of extra stress and difficulty as you straighten your smile. These professionals have all the expertise and can help you with anything you’re still worried or wondering about. It’s worth the effort to meet with them and get the inside scoop!

If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation to see what your options are for orthodontic work, contact us today!