7 Reasons to Visit Your Family Orthodontics Center This Holiday Season

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Have you thought about visiting your family orthodontics center during the holiday season? If you’re like most people, you may have a knee-jerk reaction.

After all, why would you want to visit your family orthodontist during the holidays? For many, the dentist ranks amongst their worst fears. Why would they want to go during one of the happiest times of the year?

It turns out there are lots of great reasons to visit your family orthodontics provider during the holiday season. We’ve assembled 7 reasons that just might convince you!

1. Reduce the Wait Times

Family orthodontics might have been last on your list during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you were thinking about starting clear braces, Invisalign, or something else entirely, you might not have prioritized it.

Now that more people are getting vaccinated and elective procedures are coming back to family orthodontics, it’s a rush. Getting an appointment can be hard, particularly if you live in a crowded urban area!

During the holiday season, most people won’t be going to their family dentist. This means that appointment slots for your orthodontist are often wide open during this time.

If you’ve been struggling to find an appointment time, or if you don’t want to hang around in a crowded waiting room, visiting during the holiday season can be a huge help.

2. Show Your Appreciation

Family orthodontics is unique. You aren’t just visiting for one-off teeth cleaning and you never show up again. Instead, the professionals that work in family orthodontics have watched your kids grow up.

If you’ve been going to the same one for a while, they’ve been with you through thick and thin. They may have been helping with your dental health for the past twenty years!

At that point, the professionals at your location are like your extended family. You can drop by with a basket full of holiday cookies, or gift cards for your favorite receptionist there.

Spread the love! Your orthodontist will appreciate it.

3. Ease Them In

Many children have severe anxiety about going to the orthodontist. This could be children picking up on fears that adults have, of course. Fear of going to the dentist is one of the most common phobias in America.

However, a huge part of dental-related fears is the unknown. Many children are put off by a strange new environment, with new people and new situations that they may not feel prepared for.

Many experts suggest that you give your children a chance to get acclimated before you even schedule them for an appointment.

If you bring your children by during the holiday season, they’ll be able to see a fun atmosphere. Holiday music, receptionists dressed up like Santas or elves, and holiday decorations make everything seem very non-threatening.

And since your family orthodontist is likely not as busy as they would usually be, this is a great chance to introduce them to your child.

This type of introduction, with no expectations for a procedure being performed at that time, can help lower your child’s dental anxiety. This will make it much less of a fight when it’s time to actually take your child in for a cleaning.

4. Flexible Hours

There are many reasons why patients choose family orthodontics. For one, it’s quite difficult to get everyone’s schedules to align. If you have multiple children, this is even harder.

Trying to take time off work, or away from family and home responsibilities, for multiple appointments can be quite the challenge. Family orthodontists know that scheduling can be a challenge, which is often why they provide flexible hours.

However, it can still be hard to get multiple adults and children in for one appointment. During the holidays, many people have time off, which makes it easier to schedule an appointment.

If you have taken some vacation time around the holidays, why not take advantage of it? Going during the holiday season will make it much easier.

5. Get A Head Start

It may feel tempting to put off new dental procedures, such as orthodontics, Invisalign, clear braces, or anything else. Even if it’s been recommended by experts, procrastination is a huge problem when it comes to starting new dental work.

This is often because of the time, cost, and inconvenience associated with it. That’s why getting started on recommended dental care should be a New Year’s resolution for everyone.

If you get started on new procedures, such as Invisalign, you’ll be ahead of the curve. If you get it knocked out during the holiday season, you’ll be able to face the new year with your healthiest smile yet.

6. Tackle Self-Esteem Issues

Do you cringe at the thought of taking family photos over the holiday season? Maybe you’re one of the countless adults who don’t smile in photos or cover their mouth with their hands when laughing.

Feeling self-conscious about your smile can suck the joy out of many moments. No one should have to dread smiling in a family photo.

Tackling any dental issues can help you achieve a healthier smile, and improve your confidence. If you get started on improving your smile during the holidays, you’ll feel so much better by the time the next holiday season rolls around.

7. Log Your Second Cleaning

Many dentists recommend that you get two cleanings in a year. When November/December rolls around, it’s important to check your calendar. Have you gotten the second cleaning during this calendar year?

If not, take a little time during the holiday season to make an appointment and follow through with it. This can make a huge difference in your health!

Visit Your Family Orthodontics Center During the Holiday Season

Visiting your family orthodontics center is important, even if it’s something that you tend to put off. With empathetic, knowledgeable care, we help remove the anxiety from procedures.

If you’re interested in taking control of your dental health during this holiday season, contact us today!