5 Proven Benefits of Clear Color Braces for Adults and Children

If you’re seeking out orthodontic care, you might be a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices that there are in the world now.

It can be hard to figure out which option is best for you or your loved ones.

You know that you want to straighten your teeth, but which is the best way for your lifestyle and needs? It’s not just metal braces anymore, and choosing orthodontic care is a long-term commitment.

Well, if you were considering clear color braces, you’re in the right place. They’re still wired, but they’re just a little bit different. They might be the right choice for you.

Here are 5 benefits of clear color braces for adults and children that might make them the ideal choice for your orthodontic needs.

What Are Clear Color Braces?

Clear color braces are an alternative to traditional metal braces that still provide the same service. They’re not Invisalign, but simply a more easily hidable version of the standard braces that we’ve come to know and love.

They can be made of a variety of materials, though most are made out of ceramic or porcelain, like many other tooth needs.

The wire, generally speaking, is silver in color, but can sometimes be made white upon request to better hide the braces.

They’re mostly an aesthetic alternative to standard wire braces, as the functions are entirely the same. Could they be for you?

Read about some of the differences and benefits and find out for yourself.

1. They Can Fix Problems That Invisalign Can’t

While Invisalign is an awesome choice for people who are looking to be more discrete with their orthodontic care, there are some problems that Invisalign is unable to fix.

Any complex orthodontic cases need something a little bit stronger, and that’s where traditional braces come in.

Large gaps, intrusion and extrusion, and some problems stemming from a history of previous dental work can make a patient ineligible for Invisalign. They also won’t fit all tooth shapes.

That doesn’t mean that you need to go with traditional metal braces, though. Clear color braces still give you the subtlety of Invisalign (or close to it) but the power of traditional braces.

2. They’re Subtle in Photos

We’re in an age where everyone is taking photos of everyone all the time. Are you worried about your selfie game diminishing once you have your braces on? Or perhaps about any school or holiday photos coming up that you really can’t avoid? You shouldn’t be!

There’s only a single metal wire with clear color braces, and it doesn’t have to stand out. You’re the only one that will notice your new accessory in photos. Sometimes you can even get the wire frosted in order to hide it further.

That said, braces have become somewhat of a trend, with some low-level celebrities and internet stars embracing their newly aligning smiles.

If you’re ready to embrace braces, why not make them match your look?

3. They’re More Comfortable Than Metal

While they might function the same, clear color braces can be considerably more comfortable in the mouth than your standard metal wired braces.

Part of this is due to the material. Metal can be cold and sharp, and be very difficult to get used to.

The ceramic in the clear braces is smooth, and the edges tend to be more rounded. This can be much easier on sensitive gums, especially in the beginning.

4. They Work More Quickly Than Clear Aligners

Again, Invisalign is great if you’re able to get it for your personal orthodontic needs and it matches your budget.

That said, clear color braces have the potential to work more quickly on orthodontic issues. Invisalign aligners have a limited wear time per day and need to be taken out for certain needs daily.

It’s also not impossible to forget to put them back in or to damage or lose them and need replacements (especially for children and teenagers).

Ceramic braces are on full-time, all the time. They’re put on when you decide you need care and they come off when care is complete. There’s no lapse in their efforts to adjust your smile.

5. They’re Easy to Remove

While not as easy as clear aligners, clear colored braces are still relatively easy to remove once your orthodontic adjustments are complete.

Sometimes removing standard metal braces, with all of their bracket adhesives, can cause damage to the teeth. Protecting your enamel is important, so if there’s a gentler option it’s worth looking into.

Clear color braces use an advanced removal method that can minimize any chances of damaging your fragile tooth enamel while you’re trying to get them removed. This means that your smile can stay protected.

Are Clear Color Braces the Right Choice for You?

There are plenty of options for orthodontic treatment in 2020, and choosing the right one is a big decision that will likely require a lot of heavy thought.

Whether you’re making the decision for yourself or a child or loved one, make sure you take any aesthetic needs and lifestyle choices into account to ensure that you get paired with the best possible option for your healthcare needs.

Clear color braces are a great choice for someone who values subtlety while still maintaining all of the advantages of traditional braces for some more “difficult to fix” smiles. Protect your teeth and your aesthetics with clear color braces.

For more information on different options for your orthodontic care, visit our site. You can check out our professional orthodontists and book an appointment for your own care.